Volumetric, mass-flow and gravimetric filling machines


Mass-flow filling machine RFC

Dosing Filling Machines


  • Volumetric, mass-flow and gravimetric filling machines
  • 1-16 filling positions, linear and rotating, clocked
  • Pharma, Food, Chemistry, Cosmetic, Special applications
  • Filling range from ca. 1 ml up to 60.000 ml resp. g
  • Strong foaming up to high viscosity liquids / pastes
  • Filling in Cartridges, Bottles, Canisters and Special designed bottles made of plastic or glass
  • GMP/cleanroom application possible
  • ATEX application possible
  • Applicable in the food section
  • Different leading product materials: alloys 1.4301-1.4404-1.4571, HASTELLOY, titanium, tantalum, PP, PVC, Duran-glass, PTFE, ECTFE i.e.

Machine equipment for

  • Solvents
  • Toxic, Abrasive products
  • Hot filling
  • Sterile filling under LF
  • ATEX products
  • Adhesives, isocyanates
  • Shear sensitive products
  • Products with coated active ingredients (plant protection)
  • Acids and alkalines
  • Food
  • Biocides
  • Etc. ...


Type RF Servo

  • CNC-controlled piston-filling-machine
  • 2, 4, 6 up to 16 filling positions
  • Dosing range 2-30.000 ml., dependent upon the dosing piston sizes
  • CIP/SIP optional
  • ATEX optional
  • GMP optional
  • Integrated cleaning programs
  • Multi-colour filling as special design
  • Dosing pistons/cylinders optional as rotary pistons ZIRKON
  • Hot-filling optional
  • Special design in HASTELLOY/Titanium


Type RFC

  • CNC-controlled mass-flow filling machine
  • 2, 4, 6 up to 16 filling positions
  • Dosing range 20-30.000 ml., dependent upon the dosing piston sizes
  • Rapid and uncomplicated cleaning through integrated CIP
  • Free vertical movement of the filling nozzles
  • Automatic density balance
  • Self-draining by open valves
  • ATEX optional
  • SIP optional
  • GMP optional
  • Multi-colour filling as special design


Type WFM

  • CNC-controlled gravimetric Filling machine
  • Max. 4 filling positions
  • Weighing range max. 30 kg
  • Calibratable design optional
  • Clocked or as in-line filling machine
  • ATEX optional
  • GMP optional
  • CIP/SIP optional
  • Special design in HASTELLOY/Titanium

Filling and Capping Machine

Type RTM

Multifunctional in limited space and utmost flexibility through consistent CNC technology


  • Small batch sizes
  • Multiple-parts Closure Systems
  • The modular construction of the RTM allows for the application of different Dosing and Closure Systems
  • CNC-controlled Rotary-clocked Filling and Capping machines
  • Optional filling through 1- or 2-digit Piston-Dosing with servo drive, Rotary Piston-Dosing with separate servo drives, mass-flow measuring or weighing elements
  • Capping option with either, 1 or 2 digit capping stations with mechanical torque speed limitation or with servo driven torque speed limitation and positioning capability



  • LF preparation
  • Calibratable design (WFM)
  • CIP/SIP equipment for Pharma and Food
  • Hot-filling
  • Multi-component filling
  • Changeable filling systems, Duo-design
  • Nitrogen injection possible

Special design

  • ATEX
  • GMP
  • Pharma-line
  • Acid-/Alkaline equipment

Our depth of manufacture

  • Construction
  • Conventional + CNC machining
  • Complete engineering
  • Welding in different classifications
  • Switch cabinet construction, PLC programming
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